WorkCover/CTP Patients

Have you suffered a workplace injury or been in a motor vehicle accident that requires physiotherapy rehabilitation? 

At Myphysio, our Physiotherapists are trained and accredited to assist you with your Workers Compensation or Compulsory Third Party Motor Vehicle Accident injury.

We understand that suffering an injury at work or being in a motor vehicle accident can be very unexpected. Our aim is to ensure that your recovery journey is as easy as possible. We will assist you with every phase of your recovery, from early pain management through to getting you back to your occupational and recreational activities. Our physiotherapists will provide thorough explanations and a structured treatment plan to guide you through your recovery process.

All of our treating physiotherapists regularly liaise with your GP, case manager, rehabilitation consultant and/or surgeon if required to ensure that we are all on the same page with respect to your recovery plan. 

Benefits of Physiotherapy after a work injury or being in a motor vehicle accident:

  • Relieve pain
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Improve functional abilities at work and home
  • Co-ordinate return to work duties
  • Provide Ergonomic Advice
  • Provide workplace injury prevention advice

In order for Myphysio to invoice your insurance company directly you will need to have consulted your GP and received the appropriate medical certificate. You will also receive a Claim number from the relevant insurance company. Please bring these details with you to your initial appointment.

If you do not have these details or if your claim is still under review but wish to proceed with treatment earlier, then you will be required to pay upfront for your consultation and claim back from your insurance company later once your claim has been approved.

Please inform our clinic when booking an appointment online or by phone that your injury is under a Workers Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident CTP claim.