Holistic Kinesiology

Available at West Ryde clinic.

What is Holistic Kinesiology?

Holistic kinesiology is a simple yet extremely effective Natural Health Modality. It aims to balance the whole person: physically, emotionally, biochemically and energetically,  to improve health, wellbeing and vitality.

Through gentle muscle monitoring, the practitioner is able to identify the patterns of stress at the core of the issue and use the most effective methods of clearing them, getting to the main issue instead of just treating the symptoms. This means that results will be long-lasting, even permanent, not just short term band-aid measures.

Holistic kinesiology combines the use of many different techniques to help the client reach their goal, and improve the presenting issues. It has been known to help people with a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, stress and emotional matters. Techniques used can include Traditional Chinese Medicinal Principles, flower essences, homeopathy, Neuro-Lymphatic points, Neuro-Vascular points, and reflexology just to name a few. Each session will use different techniques depending on what the individual is experiencing at the time, not one balance is the same.

Some Private Health Funds have Kinesiology listed for rebates if you have the extras package, but you need to take your receipt into your Health Fund to get the rebate. If you are unsure, please contact your Private Health Fund Directly.

Does your mum seem overly stressed and unable to relax? Maybe you should get her a Kinesiology Gift Card for Mother’s Day so she can get to the root of the problem and help herself feel better in body, mind and spirit. We also have hand made Gift Card Holders available to add that personal touch.

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Sugar Detox

Sometimes with Kinesiology, I’ll recommend that you go find a nutritionist or naturopath to help you find which specific types of supplements or nutrients you may need in your diet to help you with your goal or issue. But that’s not the only thing a nutritionist is good for.

Lisa Snowdon is a nutritionist who has different programs that can help you feel better in life just by making simple changes in your eating habits. Below is just one of the programs that she’s running, you can actually do it online if you don’t have the time to go into a clinic due to your busy lives. Go to the link at the bottom to have a look if the sugar detox is right for you.

Our most popular program that kick starts your journey towards better health and nutrition. Processed sugar is one of the great evils of modern-day diets. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to a long list of debilitating and often life-threatening conditions. But breaking the sugar addiction is not necessarily easy.

Our sugar detox program is a great way to let your body start the healing process, shed weight (it is not uncommon for people to lose between 3 and 6 kilograms in two weeks), cleanse your system and start feeling great.